Beef and ale pie

My mom gave me a while ago an english cooking book filled with delicious pie recipes. And if English Cooking is known for something it is certainly the Pies. The book is amazing, you can check it out in My Store and the recipes work out real good.

I’ve had a craving for mashed potatoes, beans and stewed beef for a long while, so this Beef&Ale Pie was perfect!! The stew is prepared with beer and I left it at low-heat for about 3 hours until the meat was reeeally soft. The pastry was also really soft and lovely, and adding to that the company of Cristi, Ton, Esteban and “El Chino”, the evening turned out perfect.

The juice is amazing with the smashed potatoes and it’s really a delicious home dish. We loved it all!! And of course, there was nothing left!!

meat and ale pie


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