Hamburguer breads

Ok. So yes, I have right now a fever for everything that is home-made. So, after telling you how to make these delicious home-made hamburguers with the best quality meat, obviously I’m going to tell you now hot to make THE BREAD with which you’ve got to eat them…

My roomate loves to make them home-made, so after a few movie-hamburguer nights here in Berlin, I decided that the next one was going to be an Oscar Winner! I prepared this bread, these special potatoes from Teresita and a classical cole-slaw salad. Believe me when I say that there’s nothing more delicious that eating a hamburguer with everything natural.

I leave you some more pictures of our latest hamburguer night in Berlin with my roomates. Clovis prepared hamburguers with soya sauce, some really nice cocktails and then we watched a horror movie with some beer. Great evening!!!



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