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Street from David Muñoz.

Ok, so this is a small post. It’s a huge recommendation though, so anyone who lives in Madrid, or is planning a trip soon, keep this place in mind!!

Restaurante Street de David Muñoz
Restaurante Street de David Muñoz

I want to recommend you all to go to Street. This is in Metro Callao, on the last floor of the “El Corte Inglés”. The Chef is David Muñoz from DiverXO restaurant, recently won his second Michelin star, with a looong waiting list, and more importantly, everyone is talking about him because what he is doing, and how he works with the product. I will go there soon I hope!

So Street is easier to go, and cheaper. It has a super cool energy, with music on, there’s a chaotic energy going on that makes you feel comfortable and that you know it still is really professional. The menu has 6 plates and they also have daily recommendations as well.

So that’s it. Really positive place. Here are the pics of the plates I had with my friends Gabriel and Yhanto when we took a trip to Madrid a few weeks ago.

resize_DSCN9044street resize_DSCN9041street resize_DSCN9039street resize_DSCN9045street

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